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Fund Price & Performance

Valuation date i CCF NAV
10 Aug 2018 US$0.9204
3 Aug 2018 US$0.9009
27 Jul 2018 US$0.9398
20 Jul 2018 US$0.9345
13 Jul 2018 US$0.9328
6 Jul 2018 US$0.9225
29 Jun 2018 US$0.9534
22 Jun 2018 US$0.9722
15 Jun 2018 US$0.9956
8 Jun 2018 US$1.0085
1 Jun 2018 US$1.0053
25 May 2018 US$1.0065
18 May 2018 US$1.0113
11 May 2018 US$1.0142
4 May 2018 US$1.0068
27 Apr 2018 US$1.0011
20 Apr 2018 US$1.0101
13 Apr 2018 US$1.0233
6 Apr 2018 US$1.0213
29 Mar 2018 US$1.0272
23 Mar 2018 US$0.9997
16 Mar 2018 US$1.0211
9 Mar 2018 US$1.0202
2 Mar 2018 US$1.0045
23 Feb 2018 US$1.0127
15 Feb 2018 US$1.0171
9 Feb 2018 US$0.9900
2 Feb 2018 US$1.0194
26 Jan 2018 US$1.0215
19 Jan 2018 US$1.0023
12 Jan 2018 US$1.0011
5 Jan 2018 US$0.9978


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